What is a Z-Card?

The Z-Card is your membership card to our frequent buyer program. As you make purchases or turn in trade, you accumulate points that will get you discounts on items at Zia! 

How do I get a Z-Card?

You can sign up for a Z-Card at any store locations or online. When setting up an account at the stores, you will be asked to provide an ID and email address. You can then use your same email address when creating an account at ziarecords.com to connect your Z-Card online. To set up a Z-Card up online instead of at a store, simply head to ziarecords.com and create an account, a Z-Card will be automatically created for you. 

How do I earn points on purchases & trades?

You earn points by making purchases and trading in items. For every $13 spent or trade in using your valid Z-Card, one (1) point is earned. Points can be used to get 50% off of any single item equal to, or less than, the number or points you have. For example: if you have ten points, you can get a ten dollar item for 50% off, but you can't get a $20 item half off until your account has 20 points. 

For online orders, points are applied to an account when the transaction is complete and your credit card has been charged. Shipping costs do not go towards purchase points online.  

How do I use my points? 

When shopping online and at the checkout screen, information will be shown on how many points you have and which items you can redeem your points on.

If you’re shopping in one of our store locations, our cashiers will inform you of your point total and ask if you would like to redeem them for purchases.  If you do not have points equal to the amount of the items, they cannot be used but will be saved for future purchases as you accumulate additional points.  

How do I check how many points I have? 

Log into your online account to view how many points you have or visit any of our stores and cashiers can provide you that information.  

Do my points expire?

Points do not expire, they are under your account as long as you have a Z-Card.  

If I return an item, do I lose my points?

Yes, if you are returning an item and are issued a refund, points will be subtracted from your account. Please see our in-store returns policy for more info regarding refunds and store credit. 

Can anyone else use my points?

If you have approved additional people to use your Z-Card account, then they can use your points. Points cannot be transferred to other customers unless they are under your current Z-Card account.  

Can I get a physical card if I signed up online?

To pick up a physical Z-Card, you will need to visit one of our store locations, let them know you created an online account and they will update your information in our system and give you a physical Z-Card.  Then you can walk around and show everyone your new fancy Z-Card and let them know they’re missing out if they don’t already have one.

How do I replace my physical Z-Card?

Head to any of our stores and talk with a cashier. They will ask you to provide a valid ID and then they will be able to provide you a replacement card.


Having trouble using your points online? 

If you have any issues and don’t see your points, Zia can add points to your Z-Card account when you make purchases online at www.ziarecords.com and make sure your correct email and account are connected.  Email us at info@ziarecords.com with your Z-Card number and we’ll be happy to get that corrected and updated.