Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Trade at your local ZIA Record Exchange.  If you have a question you don't see an answer for below, drop us a line at ZIABUYSYOURSTUFF@GMAIL.COM.

• WHAT DO WE BUY? – Just about everything! The easiest thing to do is to bring everything you want to sell into your local Zia store and let us sift through it and make you an offer. We can also answer any questions you have at that time. DUE TO HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS AND THE NEED TO INSPECT PRODUCT, NO TRADE QUOTES WILL BE GIVEN OVER THE PHONE OR BY E-MAIL.

• ZIA will BUY or TRADE many types of entertainment merchandise, including:

- CD DVD Vinyl Video Games & Game Systems Blu-Ray
- Books Toys Cassettes & VHS(select locations only)

• Zia checks all Trade-ins for quality and payouts may vary according to stock levels and demand. Some merchandise may not be acceptable for trade at the current time.

• Cash offers are a percentage of Trade Credit.

• Credit is added to a Zia Customer Card, does not expire, and may be used for anything in the store.

• The rules for what we can take in trade and how payouts are affected by quantity on hand and demand change occasionally, so please check with management if you have any questions!

• Detailed guidelines for Trade handling are posted at each store. Zia is not responsible for any product left in our stores.

• HAVE A LARGE COLLECTION? – We’re always interested in big collections, and if can sometimes travel to you for inspection and pickup if your collection numbers in the thousands of pieces. Send us an e-mail at ZIABUYSYOURSTUFF@GMAIL.COM with some information about what you have.